Mus' Heavy Engineering Company

Heavy Company of Combat Engineers, specializing in Fortifications and Siege work. Founded by Captain Decius Mus, this Mercenary Company commands high prices, but is generally considered well-worth the expense if you need good fortifications built; or if you need good fortifications breached.



Each Platoon consists of the Platoon Leader; a Platoon Sergeant; and four squads of ten soldiers, each headed by a Corporal as Squad Leader.

The Executive Officer acts as overall second-in-command, as well as Chief Construction Engineer when the Company is engaged in construction.

The Chief Siege Weapons Engineer is a non-combatant technical adviser and designer.

The Logistics (4th) Platoon handles the acquisition, transportation, and issuing of supplies, as well as serving in all other support roles.

All members of the Company are trained soldiers who can fight if need be. However, the Company generally depends on support from designated combat units provided by their employer to provide protection while they get on with their work.

Mus' Heavy Engineering Company

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