Straight outta Oakhurst

Completed Module Adventure “The Sunless Citadel.”

Original Party:

  • William as Arawn—a Half-Elf Druid/Ranger with ] the wolf,Kynan, as his Animal Companion
  • Ofer as Roland the Half-Elf Rogue/Sorcerer/Monk, brother to Arawn
  • Ofer, again, as Farhad the Human Paladin, some sort of a cousin to Roland and Arawn

Soon after was added:

  • Caitlin was added to the Party as Sharwyn Hucrele, a Human Sorcerer appearing in the module. The module was adapted a bit (Sharwyn is dead in the original) to allow Caitlin to join via the rescue of Sharwyn Hucrele by the party. Sharwyn has an Animal Companion Lyra, a weasel who did not appear in the Sunless Citadel portion of the adventure.
  • Sabbrielle was added as Cregga, a Dwarf Barbarian, after the rescue of Sharwyn, to complete the killing and looting of the Sunless Citadel.

At the end of the Citadel Clearance Adventure, Arawn captured a Twig Blight, Twiggy.

The rest of the campaign begins from this point. Party is currently in the nearby town of Oakhurst, Sharwyn Hucrele’s home town, from which further adventures will proceed.

The party recovered the sword Shatterspike during this adventure.



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