Products of Ash's Lab

Here are some of the items available from Ash’s Lab. Members of the Brightstone Company can purchase items at 70% of retail price (essentially at cost).

Retail 70% Item/Enhancement Description
10.00 7.00 Explosive Projectile arrow/bolt/stone, half range, 2d6 fire dmg, 1d6 fire dmg 10’ radius, Reflex → 1/2 dmg
16,000.00 11,200.00 Scabbard of Keen Edges 3/day casts Keen Edge on bladed weapon
2,550.00 1,785.00 Sniper’s Crossbow +1 light or heavy crossbow, range increment penalty reduced to -1 but suffer -2 at <= 30’
8,000.00 5,600.00 Horned Helm natural secondary gore attack, 1d8 + half Strength bonus
2,000.00 1,400.00 Boots of Charging 2/day charge as standard action (but no double speed); if coupled with dex bonus item, can charge through difficult terrain and through allies
21,000.00 14,700.00 Robe of Arcane Might +4 armor bonus, +1 competence bonus to caster level for robe-attuned school
500.00 350.00 Shiftweave Suit can become any of five outfits
2,000.00 1,400.00 Field Provisions Box provides daily sustenance for 15 people or 5 horses
10.00 7.00 Blessed Bandage stabilizes dying person
750.00 525.00 Healing Belt +2 heal checks; 3 charges per day (1:2d8, 2:3d8, 3:4d8) (alternative: harm undead) (standard action)
2,350.00 1,645.00 Healing Salve 10 applications (1:1d8+1, 2:2d8+3, 3:3d8+5) (standard action)
900.00 560.00 Blast Disk timer or proximity trigger, 5d6 fire 10’ radius, Reflex → -2
5,400.00 3,780.00 Bottle of Smoke 1 rd: 50’ spread; +10’/rd up to 100’ radius
500.00 350.00 Truth Potion say truth for 10 min (Will DC 13); compelled to answer; each question is separate save
6,000.00 4,200.00 Farspeaking Amulet 3/day converse 10m with up to 4 charm-carrying allies; charms can be recalled instantly
2,000.00 1,400.00 Ring of Communication listen to words of friend ring-bearer up to 1 mile
2,000.00 1,400.00 Equestrian’s Saddle +10 Ride
3,000.00 2,100.00 Horseshoes of Speed +30’
100.00 10.00 Glowing Orb 60’ adjustable-level light
2,500.00 1,750.00 Goggles of Foefinding ignore cover bonus to AC
12,000.00 8,400.00 Night Vision Goggles darkvision 60’


Player Instructions: Please use this only for placing orders for items or enhancements you know Ash is willing and able to do.

Date Customer Qty Item/Enhancement Invoice Received Ready By
Oct 03 [[]] 1 0.00 0.00


Player Instructions: Please use this for inquiring as to whether Ash is willing and able to craft an item or enhancements. Remember to include the source book and page so Mike doesn’t have to spend an hour hunting down what you’re talking about. If the cost is unambiguous, put 70% of retail as the cost estimate.

Date Customer Source Item/Enhancement Cost (Est.) Answer
Oct 03 Arawn AEG.14 Bondleaf Wrap 700.00 Not Yet
Oct 03 Roland MIC.64 Crystal of Life Drinking, Least 280.00

Products of Ash's Lab

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