Hucrele Merchant Family

The first reference to the Hucrele family in the Duchy of Phelan is the arrival of Hans Hucrele recorded in the tax register of 1357. He married Klara Widolf and became a Breford citizen. After Klara’s death, he married Elizabeth Gfattermann. He joined the Weaver’s Guild, and by 1396 he was ranked high in the list of taxpayers.

His eldest son, Andreas Hucrele, was a merchant in the weaving trade, and was nicknamed ‘the rich Hucrele’, buying land and other properties. It is also now understood the Hucrele family itemized and inventoried a large number of fine rugs and tapestries, an unusually unique undertaking during this time period.

Andreas’s son, Lucas Hucrele, was granted arms by the King Frederick III (of Lyon), a golden deer on a blue background, and he was soon nicknamed ‘the Hucrele of the Deer’. However, he was too ambitious and went bankrupt.

Hans Hucrele’s younger son, Jakob the Elder, founded another branch of the family, This branch progressed more steadily and they became known as the ‘Hucreles of the Lily’ after their chosen arms of a flowering lily on a gold and blue background. Jakob was a master weaver, a merchant, and an alderman, and married Barbara Basinger, the daughter of a goldsmith. His fortune progressed, and by 1461, he was the 12th richest man in Phelan. He died in 1469.

Jakob’s eldest son, Ulrich, took over the business on his father’s death, and in 1473 he provided new suits of clothes to Frederick, his son Maximilian I, and his suite on their journey to Trier to meet Charles the Bold of Tsia and the betrothal of the young prince to Charles’s daughter Maria. Ulrich married Kerowyn Sharpyl, the only daughter of a mid-level merchant in Oakhurst. Finding her to have a sharp mind for business, Ulrich made Kerowyn the business manager, and turned to travelling to build and maintain the family business network. Soon after their marriage, Kerowyn’s father Geoffry Sharpyl merged his business with the Hucreles and settled in to retire, acting as an occasional adviser, and opting to spend most of his time reading and playing with his (eventual) grandchildren.

Ulrich and Kerowyn had two children: A son, Talgan (a fighter who died during an adventure in the Sunless Citadel in Midsummer of 1500, and Sharwyn, a sorcerer who was the only member of the same adventuring party to return alive from the Citadel. Sharwyn Hucrele continues to adventure, and works as a roving troubleshooter for the Hucrele Family business.

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Hucrele Merchant Family

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