Game Rule Adaptations

  • Arrows (& bolts) weigh 1/10 lb. The quiver weighs 1 lb. Thus, 20 arrows weigh 2 lbs.
  • Favored Enemy variant – hide and move silently bonus instead of bluff and sense motive
  • Detect Plant and Animals; 100% -5% per CR point +knowledge nature / dungeon.
  • 10’ semi-circle is equal to 15’ cone inverted.

Old Spells

Warning Shout – Rename the Spell Compendium version to Swift Rouse.

New Skills

Knowledge (martial) → Represents familiarity with common military/militia protocol, regulations, routines, procedures, techniques, tactics, strategy, etc. (classes: Paladin)
Profession (trapper) → Bunnies!

New Equipment

Adventuring Gear

spyglass → 100gp Leather tube with two simple lenses. Provides x3 magnification.
spyglass, collapsible → 150gp Brass collapsible tube with two simple lenses. Provides x4 magnification.


horse, light → 3gp/day

Game Rule Adaptations

Straight outta Oakhurst odigity