Cheat Sheet - Attacks of Opportunity

An attack of opportunity can only be a melee attack. You can provoke multiple attacks of opportunity during your turn, and you can take advantage of one attack of opportunity per round that an opponent provokes on their turn (unless you have Combat Reflexes).

Attacks of opportunity happen and are resolved before the event that triggered them. For example, if an opponent is standing in front of you and walks away, provoking an attack of opportunity from you, your attack happens immediately before they start walking away, when they are still in the square immediately in front of you.

Provoking an Attack of Opportunity
  1. When you are in a square that is threatened by an opponent’s melee attack and move out of it (even when running or charging).
  2. When you are in a square that is threatened by an opponent’s melee attack and you take a “distracting action”:
    • Standard Actions:
      • Ranged Attack
      • Unarmed Attack (unless Monk or Improved Unarmed Strike)
      • Cast Spell (if it takes a Standard Action)
      • Use Spell-Like Ability
      • Use Potion/Oil
      • Use Scroll
      • Stabilize Dying Ally
    • Move Actions:
      • Control Frightened Mount
      • Load Crossbow
      • Pick Up Object
      • Sheath Weapon
      • Crawl (5’)
      • Stand Up
      • Retrieved Stored Item

Note: Moving out of more than one square threatened by the same opponent in the same round doesn’t count as more than one opportunity for that opponent. If you run past someone, passing through three squares they threaten, they still only get one AoO.

Prevent an Attack of Opportunity
  • Taking a 5’ step doesn’t provoke an AoO.
  • Any degree of cover prevents an AoO.
  • Using the withdraw action prevents AoO from visible foes for your first square of movement only.
  • Tumbling (if you move at half-speed and your Tumble check is successful).
  • Using the Spring Attack and Ride-By Attack feats.
  • Casting Defensively – If you make a Concentration check (DC15 + Spell Level), you can cast a spell without provoking an AoO.
Getting More Attacks of Opportunity
  • If you have the Combat Reflexes feat, you get an additional number of AoO per round equal to your Dex bonus.


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Cheat Sheet - Attacks of Opportunity

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