Thu 1500 Dec 01Brightstone Temple branch begins operations.
Sat 1501 Dec 09Farhad‘s 22nd birthday.
Sat 1501 Jan 06Cregga’s 58th birthday.
Sat 1501 Jan 11Roland‘s 25th birthday.
Sat 1501 Jan 14Farhad’s full plate ready.

Historical Timeline

Mon 1500 Jul 18 – Party launched final and successful assault on Brightstone Keep.
Thu 1500 Jul 21Farhad knighted and granted Brightstone Manor.
Thu 1500 Jul 21Keladry knighted (Bachelor).
Tue 1500 Sep 13 – Party raided desert orc base (killed 47 in <2 min).
Wed 1500 Sep 14Farhad first called forth SigrĂșn.
Sat 1500 Sep 17Farhad granted land and subsidy to Church of Heironeous to help start the Brightstone Temple and their cavalry program.
Sun 1500 Sep 18Farhad met with Marikest Town Council and got support for the Citizen Militia program (begins Oct 1).
Sun 1500 Sep 18Farhad hired CPT Riffin Hane from Reeton (begins Oct 1).
Sun 1500 Sep 20 – Party launched first Great Rift scouting mission – discovered RO2 and RO3, returning home on the 25th.
Sun 1500 Sep 25 – Party left to track bugbears from edge of rift into Arcalium. Went as far as the foothills, fought many battles, returned home on Oct 3rd.


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