Brightstone Manor

Brightstone Manor is the fief held by Sir Farhad, liberator of Brightstone Keep.

The Manor includes the town of Marikest (88+ acres), as well as the following:

  • 3 Mines producing approximately 6,000gp of Copper, 6,000gp of Iron, 10,000gp pf Gold, and 20,000gp of Gems annually, and occupying 8.25 acres. (1/3 to Duke, 1/3 to Mine Staff, 1/3 to Holder)
  • An orchard covering 5.5 acres, producing approximately 22 bushels of fruit annually (June-September) and a Cider Press.
  • A Granite Quarry producing an average of 1,000 tons of cut stone annually (10,000gp) (1/2 to Staff, 1/2 to Holder)
  • A Mill and Mill Pond (2.75 acres, approximately 79gp annually from fishing and other gathering, as well as 112gp in Milling fees).
  • 61.5 acres of forested land (generating approximately 246gp annually, exclusive of hunting).
  • Approximately 375 acres of arable land, of which 1/3 is generally planted in clover and other things to lie fallow for a year, and the other 2/3 are planted in staples and cash crops. 1/3 of this belongs to the Holder (125 acres, 83 in cultivation in any year), producing approximately 302gp in staple crop income, and 3075gp in cash crop (flax and hemp) income annually.
  • 1 Dove Cote, producing approximately 50gp per annum.
  • 5 Bee Hives, producing a profit of 5gp annually.
  • Assorted livestock, producing 2,564gp annually.
  • Assorted rents from town and other buildings, and other fees collected: 3,675gp

Total Annual Income: Approximately 29,107 to the Holder, 14,000 to Duke Geoffrey

Brightstone Manor

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