Brightstone Company


Name Position Wage Notes
Hames Gysby Steward 0.80 human, male, 53yrs
Vyncent Bardye Page 0.02 human, male, 13yrs
Ethell Beatra Head Cook 0.15 human, female, 43yrs
? Assistant Cook 0.10 ?
? Kitchen Servant 0.05 ?
Thorin Thrainain Groundskeeper 0.10 dwarf, male, 123yrs
Gery Jordye Groom 0.10 human, male, 19yrs

Tasks & Projects

  • consider coat of arms/banner


  • 4 days to complete, 425gp

Scout Division

Mine Expansion

  • blueprint
  • begin north entrance, keep shaft
  • increase production capacity
  • install porcullises, courtyard grate, shaft ladder
  • coordinate shelter drills with town council/citizen militia

Waiting For…

Improvements Made

  • alarm system (20gp)
  • balcony (402.5gp)
  • canvas drops for gazebo (45g)
  • crenelations & ladders (160’ of building perimeter) (490.6gp)
  • interior walls, doors & locks (256gp)
  • lighting (250gp)
  • paddock (20gp)
  • stables (12 stalls) (420gp)
  • town square lightpost (35gp)

Misc Programs

  • coordinating with Temple of Pelor to deliver leftovers from kitchen every night to worthy families in need

Brightstone Company

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