Sniper's Crossbow

weapon (ranged)

Retail Price: 2,550 gp

This +1 crossbow looks like a light (or heavy) crossbow with a scope mounted on top of it. When looking through the scope, you can see with much greater accuracy at a greater distance thanks to the etched crosshairs in the lenses. Thus, range increment penalty is -1 (instead of -2)

A telescopic sight is mounted on the crossbow to replace the standard iron sights and provide better accuracy at longer ranges. The scope features crosshairs marked in the lens for several distances. This scope effectively halves the normal range increment penalty beyond the first increment of light and heavy crossbows. However, you take a -2 attack penalty when firing this weapon at any distance shorter than 30 ft., due to the scope limiting your immediate field of vision when aiming.

Simple Two-Handed Projectile
Critical: 19-20/x2
Range Increment: 80 (light) or 120 ft. (heavy)
Type: Piercing
1d8+1 (light) or 1d10+1 (heavy)


Sniper's Crossbow

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