Keladry Mindelan

Battlemage and Squire to the Duke of Reeton


Female, 20 y.o. Lawful Good
Tall and strong for a girl, especially a noble.
Medium blonde hair in a page-boy cut, gray eyes
She wears leather studded armor and a buckler and carries a shortspear and dagger.
Rides a heavy war horse named Peachblossom.


Keladry, Kel to her close friends and family, is the daughter of the Baron Raoul Mindelan. The Mindelan family has been close to the King for generations with very good standing in the court. Part of that good standing is the long line of military commanders the Mindelan family has produced. Some are powerful Mages, others unmatched Fighters, but all have found the thrill and magnitude of war to their liking.

As Keladry grew and displayed proficiency with melee and sorcery, plans were drawn for her to attend the Warmage College in Anfalls. Being that the college is rigorous, selective and very expensive, her parents struck a deal with the Duke of Reeton to bankroll her training at the school in exchange for her fealty at graduation. After serving the Duke loyally he promises to Knight her.

Keladry thrived at the college, meeting her challenges with fearsome determination.

Keladry Mindelan

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