Straight outta Oakhurst

What has Arawn been up to all this time?

(Probably getting high and sitting in the mud, like a typical hippie.)

Arawn has been busy since the party left Oakhurst on 03JUL00.

Arawn prepared for an exploratory expedition in the Ashen Plains, collecting his gear and arranging for Twiggy to be exhibited by the owner of the General Store. He also arranged for the remaining intact books and scrolls to be recovered from the Sunless Citadel and stored at the Hucrele Merchant Family’s warehouse in Oakhurst, in hopes of building a library. The works included a few minor works of dragon lore, and about 12 years worth of detailed local weather records, as well as the other collected notes of the Evil Druid Belak.

Arawn then spent the next couple of weeks exploring a section of the Ashen Plains, making a general map and avoiding damage from a couple of venomous snakes, defeating a gnoll, discovering (and looting) a couple of long-dead corpses, and eventually getting into a tiff with a wight in a burial mound he discovered on the edge of the scrublands. This cost him a level, but he managed to secure a bit of loot for his trouble, and he beat-feat into Reeton in time (arriving on 02AUG00 (?) to have a cleric restore his lost level.


That damn wight permanently cost me 2800xp. lesson learned. I’ve got plans for some undead killing. In the meantime…

William Kostric Heading over to the Paragnostic Assembly. I meet the joining requirements of two knowledge skills with 3 ranks each (dungeoneering and nature) and wis / int over 13. I have an affiliation score of 4, 1pt for my lvls, 1pt for being a ranger, 1pt for having 6 ranks in knowledge nature, 1pt for turning in my analysis of the twig blight. I will pay 30gp for admittance (10 per lvl per month), I’ll have to keep track of treasure gathered from here on out to give them their percentage (or not depending on value provided). I’ll spend some time writing up my petition for the rank of Paragnostic Scholar (which the affilitation score of 4 qualifies me for). I’ll be waiting to hear when/where/if the formal ceremony will be held. Complete Champion – 72

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