Straight outta Oakhurst

Tripping the Rift

On 20SEP00, the Party (minus Arawn) set out to explore the Northern end of the Great Rift. No sonner had they arrived than they had a brief squabble with a band of Gnolls. After easily defeating them, the Party elected to track the Gnolls’ path into the Rift. While engaged in this, they discovered a nicely hidden cave for which they have future plans.

While tracking the Gnolls, they then got into a scuffle with a number of Bugbears, who it seems had come into the Rift from the same end as the Party. After killing the Bugbears, the Party continued to track the Gnolls, eventually finding a chimney in the side of the rift down which the Gnolls had climbed. Following the chimney, and a series of ledges and other chimneys up more than 500 feet, the Party then entered a cave, which led to a shaft going up into a hidden dungeon under the Western side of the Ashen Plains.

In this dungeon, after finding a number or weirdly laid-out passages and rooms with an excessive number of trapped doors, the Party faced an Evil Adventuring Party of Fighters and Mages. The Evil Adventurers proved to lack skill in the brief tiff that ended in their deaths at the hands of the Party.

Cregga and Keladry then proceeded to destroy a stone door the Party was unable to open by other means, and the Party then faced their biggest challenge in the dungeon: A group of 4 young Babau Demons.

After a battle which proved to be of some concern, the Party eventually prevailed, thanks to the skills of the various Party Members, and to the inexperience of the Demons.

The Party then looted the corpses, gathered the treasure from the dungeon, and returned to Brightstone Keep on 25SEP00.



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