Straight outta Oakhurst

The Fearsomely Retarded Dragon

So this young green dragon walks into an ambush.. and Roland says “Man that thing needs a Mentos”. The rangers say “Wow, that dragon’s as green as us!”. Farhad says “What’s clorine?”. Einarr says “That dragon was a pussy!”. Cregga kick Einarr in the nuts for using a term for female genitalia as an insult. Keladry says “Don’t we have some BBQ boar waiting for us?”.

And so the not so beleaguered adventurers return to the keep. What then? Well for Arawn, this..

I’ll be studying at the Paragnostic Assembly, training Kynan, talking to the twig blight about Aspen tree reproduction. I’m going to every inn, tavern, divine magic shop, temple, open air market and gambling hall as well as talking to peasants, travelers, clerics, stable boys and other assorted shady characters (putting out feelers through Roland to the watch and jail guards and through Farhad to the churches and merchants as well as speaking to Ash and Walter about other sources they may know of.) and offering bounties for the following items or information about them.

First lvl divine wands – Snake’s Swiftness, Sandblast, Blockade I’m willing to pay 750gp ea

A Bondleaf Wrap, a Green Air Bramble

The location of an Obad-Hai temple or contact with anyone who has been to one

Contact with the Guardians of the Green

A 9th lvl mage willing to cast a permanency spell for 2,500gp

A magebred animal trainer with dire bats and hawks.

I’ll go into town every few days and check for progress. Everyone also knows they can leave a message for me at the keep. So that’s what I’ll be doing till I hear something exciting.


You forgot brothels – the authority on magic wands in these parts.

The Fearsomely Retarded Dragon

Personally ‘m holding out for a dryad. But for info, sure, I’ll hit up the brothels too.

The Fearsomely Retarded Dragon

Checking in after a few days. Greeting the locals and glad handing. Adding a few items for them to be on the lookout for.

A wand of summon swarm 4500gp, a Hammersphere mic 161

Deathwand crossbow (a&eg p.104 10,300gp) Heavy Model w/ Crossbow Sight, Gnome (a&eg p.37, 150gp)

As for the animals, I’ll consider a giant eagle mm93 or owl mm205 also.

The Fearsomely Retarded Dragon

Oct 14th – Day 2 of call off the dogs training.
Oct 15th – Paid 40 gold to Paragnostic Assembly for Oct dues. Studied Spellcraft.

The Fearsomely Retarded Dragon

Oct 16th Day 3 training Kynan to back down

Oct 17th Back in town looking for good news, studying Decipher Script.

The Fearsomely Retarded Dragon

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