Straight outta Oakhurst

Secret Supply Depot

The Party sent Arawn back to the keep with the horses, as they didn’t have the provisions to supply them any longer. Keladry replaced him with the Party staking out the secret facility in the Ashen_Plains, bringing along the first of the Field Provisions Boxes, allowing the Party to remain in position indefinitely.

While awaiting Keladry, the Party attacked and destroyed a number of small bands of Orcs leaving the facility, or coming to it. Soon after she joined the Party, the entire company of 47 Orcs sortied from the facility, walking into a hasty ambush by the party.

The Party managed to destroy the company of Orcs, after which they raided the facility, carrying off a large haul of assorted weapons and supplies, as well as a nice amount of gold.

The Party returned to the keep on 16SEP00.


If only we had a disguise spell or something similar, we could have left one or two of us there, and everytime the wagon appears, change our appearance to orcs and unload the wagon, sending the guy back none the wiser. :)

Secret Supply Depot

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