Straight outta Oakhurst

Patrolling & Tracking

on 18AUG00, the Party (minus Keladry who stayed behind to command the keep in the absence of the rest of the party) headed out on patrol to the head of the Great Rift, intending to patrol the border with Arcalium. Leaving their camp on the morning of 19AUG00, the party discovered tracks of a small party of Orcs moving East from across the border. The tracks were about a week and a half old, but the Party elected to follow them anyway. Along the way, they noticed a pattern of tracks leaving the band and returning, which they suspected was evidence of scouting activity.

Following the tracks further, they found the band splitting up. Einarr elected to follow the South trail, eventually finding and killing the Orc he had been following.

The rest of the Party followed the North tracks, finding and capturing that Orc. All of the Party then returned to the place in which the band had split up, and after staking out the position for another day, killed the remaining members of the Orc Band.

Returning to the Keep on 21AUG00, the party spent time refitting and resting, and the Marikest Town Jail hosted the captured Orc.

Farhad succeeded in convincing the Temple of Heironeous to establish a small Cavalry-training facility in Marikest with some level of sponsorship from himself.

The Party also met Ash Skorlundin, and Artificer who has agreed to make assorted magic items for the Party at cost, in return for a grant of land for his tower. He also consented for the roof of his tower to be used as an observation post in the North West of the Manor.

Arawn used the opportunity to run some errands and get some things done in Reeton—more on this later.

Cregga and Einarr used the opportunity to do some shopping via the Company’s Broker, Walter Hucrele, picking themselves up a nice Chain Mail Shirt +2, and a Buckler +1, respectively.

On 01SEP00 the Party then interrogated the Orc, and released the Orc to ostensibly carry a message to his chief. The Party then followed the Orc to a secret facility in the Ashen Plains just across the border. They observed a wagon driven by a human bring some sort of supplies into the facility; then followed him almost to Tranthini. Upon seeing the walls of the city, they returned to the facility in the desert, staking it out until they observed a band of 10 Orcs leave the facility, which they fell upon and destroyed. (06SEP00)



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