Straight outta Oakhurst

Marikest Engagement III

The Battle of Brightstone Keep

After much preparation and struggle, the Party (excepting Arawn) engaged in their final and decisive assault on Brightstone Keep, ultimately defeating the band of Orcs and other assorted nasties there, led by the Evil Orc Cleric Kurjan Sawtooth.

The Party included its newest member, recently graduated Warmage Keladry, as well as a detachment of 11 Medium Infantry and 4 Archers.

The Party conducted an audacious attack straight up the road to the front gate of the Keep, dividing their forces in order to hold the enemy defenders in place, while a detachment of archers accompanied Roland along the Eastern wall of the Keep, briefly engaging defenders along the top of the wall while they lofted a rope to the roof of Building 5. Achieving the roof, the detachment engaged defenders along the North and East walls, defeating them and clearing the walls and Building 5, and then proceeded to enfilade the enemy undead in the courtyard, with the eventual assistance of Keladry.

Einarr Fenrisulfr, accompanied by a pair of Infantrymen, rushed to a position directly in front of the South wall, and engaged the enemy along the wall and Tower 2. After the wall and tower were cleared, he engaged a Troll who was attempting to exit the front gate, which the Party had previously seeded with caltrops, injuring and slowing the Troll. After the troll managed to exit the gate, the Winter Wolf managed to move past the troll, and to engage Einarr, catching and injuring him only as he was mounting his horse. In the retreat, the wolf managed to injure Einarr’s horse, but did not succeed in dismounting Einarr. Einarr then conducted a running engagement, ultimately defeating the Wolf.

Keladry skillfully used a number of spells to defeat the occupants of the roof of the Gate Tower, including Kurjan Sawtooth, thus relieving the attacking forces from the tower attacks, as well as throwing the enemy into disarray early in the battle. She then (as mentioned earlier) scaled the East wall and joined the archers on the roof engaging the undead in the courtyard.

Cregga Was the first to scale the East wall, running across the roof and jumping down to the battlements to engage the Orcs there. She proceeded to clear the East wall, and then did the same for the North wall. Clearing the way to the Gate Tower, she enabled the hired Infantry to take the gate controls, and one of the Infantrymen did significant damage to the Troll Zombie by repeatedly dropping the gate on him. With the gate blocked, this prevented the other undead from breaking out of the keep and attacking the rest of the Assault Force, and held them where they could safely be engaged in enfilade.

Farhad scaled the East wall, entered and cleared Building 5, led a detachment of Infantry to clear the South wall, Building 4, Tower 3, and the Western walls. He then proceeded to the Courtyard, to administer the final blows to the Troll Zombie.

After the battle, Farhad removed Sharwyn’s body from the Gate Tower (where Kurjan Sawtooth had suspended it over the front of the tower in an effort to destroy the morale of the Party) and rushed her back to Reeton in time for a cleric to raise her from the dead. It is expected that Sharwyn will probably spend significant time in recovery, before she decides whether or not to rejoin the party.



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