Straight outta Oakhurst

Into Arcalium

The Party crossed into Arcalium, looking to fight Orcs and gather intel. Arawn had a dissatisfying (and brief) conversation with a Border Guard right after crossing, and the Party made their way to Flanad, where they were surprised to find the town locked down during the middle of the day, and were required to fill out forms and pay fees to enter the town.

Upon entering the town, they found it very quiet and nearly devoid of activity, despite the presence of many people. Even the taverns were quite muted, and in the second tavern, Farhad had little success gathering information from the bar tender. The Party observed the arrest by a group of soldiers of one of the patrons, with no reaction by the other people present.

Arawn attempted on his own to approach the Mayor of Flanad, as well as enter the Temple of Hextor to speak to a cleric, and was firmly rebuffed in both places.

The party then left the town, and headed South East a bit to scout. They found some Goblin tracks heading East, and followed them, eventually catching a band of 12 Goblins while they were encamped just across the border of the Duchy of Reeton. After killing them (and taking their ears), the Party followed the band’s tracks to the West. During the night, the Party captured an Orc which was skulking around, and interrogated it, learning little.

They then killed the Orc, took its ear, and continued their tracking. Eventually going over 50 miles into Arcalium, the Party discovered a hollow in the foothills which seems to be a common meeting place for Orcs, Goblins, and Humans. They tracked at least one band of Orcs out of the Hollow, heading East. The tracks led them into the North Western portions of the Ashen Plains, and about 15 miles from the border with Reeton the tracks turned sharply South into the desert. At this point, the Party elected to return to the keep to rest and refit. (07AUG00)



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