Straight outta Oakhurst

Clean up and Refit

Much has happened in the aftermath of the capture of Brightstone Keep.

Farhad has been knighted by Duke Geoffrey of Reeton, and awarded the keep and the surrounding area as a fief. He also met with Sabeth Larke the agent of the Duke’s Spymaster, who briefed him on the situation with the neighboring Kingdom of Arcalium, which is apparently responsible for the increased raids by Orcs, Goblins, and other bandits in the area. Farhad has also begun training two days a week at the Temple of Heironeous in Reeton, and spends a third day healing and doing other good works in Marikest and/or Reeton.

Keladry has formally joined the Brightstone Company, and has been knighted by her liege, Duke Geoffrey of Reeton, and elected to serve as a Bachelor Knight rather than receiving a fief.

Cregga has begun training with Roland in tumbling, and is learning to read and write from a cleric with the Temple of Moradin in Marikest.

Roland is interning with the Reeton City Watch, getting lots of practice in hand-to-hand combat breaking up fights in taverns and apprehending thieves and murderers. He is also honing his information gathering skills, and getting to know Reeton really well.

Einarr has been leading patrols around the keep, making arrows for the keep, and training the soldiers in archery and tracking.

Arawn has returned from his excursion in the Ashen Plains and rejoined the party on 01AUG00, just in time to head West with the party, hoping to track the band of orcs recently defeated at the keep, or at least to substantiate the story that they came from Arcalium.



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