Straight outta Oakhurst

Arawn's deeds from Sept 10th - 25th

Arawn's deeds from Sept 10th - 25th

10th Arrived back in Reeton, got paid for guard duty, left Kynan in the forest and went to the keep. Placed the crown of antlers from Balsac with the wolf’s head. Picked out a spot for the twig blight in his cage. Recieved word that the Paragnostic Assembly had approved my reqest for scholar and scheduled the ceremony for the next eve.

11th Picked up and paid for the scale armor from Ash, hung out and talked a bit with him. Inquired about 1st lvl scrolls, placed an order. Went shopping in town, picked up a few alchemy products and a decent outfit for the evening. Attended the advancemnt ceremony, hobknobbed, met some muckety mucks.

12th Went to visit Kynan, brought him some beef, spent the day working on the Guard trick and examining local wildlife (in the 61 acre forest).

13th Spent the day studying knowledge nature, specifically as applies to the reproduction of Aspens, growing trees from cuttings and the properties of fertilizers.

14th Brought Kynan to the keep for his final day of guard training. No one got past the front gate without permission. Finally, one new trick!

15Th Spent the day studying dungeoneering (cause you never know, right?).

16th Working with Kynan on the defend trick (day 4)

17th Studying knowledge local (when in Rome).

18th Day 5 of training to defend.

19th Studying knowledge arcana specifically as relates to magical beasts and plants.

20th Day 6 of training to defend (glad I bought that leash, muzzle, pole and asstd animal training gear)

21st Studying knowledge geography. Scouring maps for likely Obad Hai temple locations.

22nd Kynan’s second visit to the keep. I pay a volunteer to help with the final day of training to defend another (don’t you feel safer already?).

23rd Studying knowledge religion as relates to neutrality and the evils of extremism.

24th Apparently have to train Kynan the down trick otherwise I won’t be able to call off the dog so day 1


Done dirt cheap?


Just the dirty ones, but don’t put them in the log. There are two sets of books ya know.


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